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Est. 2001

Nebraska Turf Products has everything your lawn needs to look it's best. We have an easy to follow 6-step lawn program or can custom make a program to fit your budget or solve your turf problems. We are here to help and can show you how.

Hours                                                              Winter Hours (November 15-March 1)

Monday - Friday   8am-5pm                            Monday - Friday 8am-4pm

Saturday 8am-Noon                                        Saturday-Sunday Closed

Sunday Closed                                                Open 24hrs during winter storm events

Featured Products

  • BLACKLINE 6-Step Program-BUY ALL 6 STEPS

    The BLACKLINE 6-Step Program provides the nutrients your lawn needs throughout the growing season. BLACKLINE fertilizer contains no inert ingredients, it's all food and no filler. BLACKLINE will make your lawn the best in the neighborhood.
    $195.59 save 8%
  • REDLINE 6-Step Program - BUY ALL 6 STEPS

    Nebraska Turf Products REDLINE 6-Step Program will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs throughout the whole season. It also is formulated to prevent that stubborn crabgrass and stop those pesky turf destroying insects. This program is specifically designed and blended for turf grasses in the Omaha area, unlike a number of the blends sold in the big box stores. Use this program to guarantee yourself the lush green yard you deserve.

    $158.94 save 6%
  • Step 1- BLACKLINE 19-0-5 30%Echo, Milorganite .20%Prodiamine

    Step 1 Crabgrass Preventer  APPLY April 1

    Blackline slow release fertilizer plus crabgrass preventer.  19-0-5 30%Echo, Milorganite based .20% Prodiamine.  Prodiamine creates a vapor barrier lasting up to 8-10 weeks controling annual weeds and crabgrass before they germinate.  50lb covers 12,500 sq.ft.  Water in after application. 

  • Step 1- REDLINE 17-0-0 25%SCU .20% Prodiamine

    Crabgrass Preventer 50lb covers 12,500 sq.ft.

    The first step of crabgrass preventer is applied around April 1

  • 18-0-2 25%SCU .125%Dimension

    Crabgrass Preventer. 18-0-2 Fertilizer with 25% Slow Release Nitrogen and .125% Dimension.