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Welcome to Nebraska Turf Products


                               Est. 2001

14001 L Street, Omaha, NE 68137

Nebraska Turf Products is THE FERTILIZER STORE.  We are open to the public and offer 6-Step Do-It-Yourself lawn programs, grass seed, weed control, insect control, lawn fertilizer, ice melt and bulk rock salt. We are here to help and can show you how to make your lawn beautiful.  Come check out the front lawn at our store and see the difference between Kentucky bluegrass and RTF Fescue.  

Hours                                                              Winter Hours (November 15-March 1)

Monday - Friday   8am-5pm                            Monday - Friday 8am-4pm

Saturday 8am-Noon                                        Saturday-Sunday Closed

Sunday Closed                                                Open 24hrs during winter storm events



32435 Reichmuth Rd   Valley, NE 68064


Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Saturday-Sunday Closed

Featured Products

  • Q4 Plus Quart

    Control post-emergent crabgrass, nutsedge and broadleaf weeds.

  • 18-24-12 20% XRT

    18-24-12 20% XRT. A great seed starting fertilizer
  • Step 4 - BLACKLINE 16-0-4 30%Echo, Milorganite

    Step 4 APPLY Mid-August

    Blackline slow release Summer fertilizer 50lb covers 12,500 sq.ft.

    Summer fertilizer with slow release Echo nitrogen and milorganite filler to keep your lawn greener during the summer months. 

    Water in after application

  • Step 5 - BLACKLINE 24-0-5 30%Echo, Milorganite

    Fall Fertilizer 50lb bag covers 12,500 sq.ft. Fall fertilizer helps your lawn recover from summer stress. The 1lb of nitrogen per 1000 sq.ft. gives your lawn the food to recover fast and look it's best. Our BLACKLINE products contain slow release Echo nitrogen and milorganite filler to make your lawn greener than the rest. BLACKLINE products are all food in the bag, no filler and our best product for your lawn.

  • Step 4- REDLINE 16-0-4 25%SCU

    Summer Fertilizer 50lb covers 12,500sq.ft.

    Summer fertilizer wth slow release nitrogen for a long- lasting, dark green lawn. Will not burn when used as directed. Thickens lawn to help reduce weeds. Application goes down around August 15

  • Step 5- REDLINE 24-0-2 25%XRT

    Fall Fertilizer 50lb covers 12,500 sq.ft.

    Fertilizing in the Fall helps your lawn revover from summer stress and sets up your lawn for next Spring.  Applicaton goes down around October 1.

  • Defiant LST Turf-Type Fescue

    Defiant LST Turf-Type Fescue

  • RTF Water Saver Turf Type Fescue

    RTF Water Saver Turf Type Fescue
  • Elite Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

    Elite Kentucky Blue 50lbs

  • Lawn Overseeder

    40% Elite Kentucky Bluegrass / 60% Perennial Ryegrass 50lb