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We are celebrating our 15th Anniversary (2001-2016) and would like to invite you to visit us at 14001 L Street in Omaha.

Nebraska Turf Products has everything your lawn needs to look it's best. We have an easy to follow 6-step lawn program or can custom make a program to fit your budget or solve your turf problems. We are here to help and can show you how.

Featured Products

  • BLACKLINE 6-Step Program-BUY ALL 6 STEPS

    The BLACKLINE 6-Step Program provides the nutrients your lawn needs throughout the growing season. BLACKLINE fertilizer contains no inert ingredients, it's all food and no filler. BLACKLINE will make your lawn the best in the neighborhood.
    $195.59 save 8%
  • REDLINE 6-Step Program - BUY ALL 6 STEPS

    Nebraska Turf Products REDLINE 6-Step Program will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs throughout the whole season. It also is formulated to prevent that stubborn crabgrass and stop those pesky turf destroying insects. This program is specifically designed and blended for turf grasses in the Omaha area, unlike a number of the blends sold in the big box stores. Use this program to guarantee yourself the lush green yard you deserve.

    $158.94 save 6%
  • IceAway Max Green 100% Magnesium Chloride -25 F

    50lb bag (50 bags per pallet)

    IceAway Max Green (formally Freezguard) is high performance 100% Magnesium chloride which melts ice and snow to -25 degrees. Max Green is crystal-shaped to resist rolling away like pellets or blowing away like flakes.The least corrosive of all the chlorides. 

  • Powerthaw Ice Melt -20 F

    50lb bag (49 bags per pallet)

    POWER THAW is a powerful ice melter formulated for High Performance melting even when the temperature is 20 below zero. POWER THAW combines Calcium chloride, Magnesium chloride, and AMC, a melting catalyst, to give fast acting performance. POWER THAW is easy to see with blue-dyed added to the product.

    Product Brochure - Click here to view

    Product MSDS - Click here to view


  • Thawmaster Ice Melt -5 F

    50lb bag (49 bags per pallet)

    THAWMASTER is our #1 selling ice melt designed to melt to -5 F.  THAWMASTER combines calcium chloride, magnesium cloride and AMC to quicky gererate heat and start the melting process.  THAWMASTER is dyed green, making spreading and placement easier.

  • Snow Control Ice Melt

    50lb bags (49bags per pallet)

    • Provides safe, fast, effective and economical melting
    • Rock salt alternative to melting snow and ice
    • Dyed green for precise placement
  • Peladow 100% Calcium Chloride -25 F

    50lb bag (55 bags per pallet)

    Fastest actng ice melt made.  Melts snow & ice to -25 degrees.